What people are saying about Axis Health

I came to Denise Varley with a 7 year history of RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and with no hope at 52 years old of any remission. I was on a cocktail of drugs and in pain. I am now free of all signs of RA after having had 18 sessions of Osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, acupuncture and dietary counselling.

To my amazement I found that some of the commonest things in my daily diet were responsible for many of the symptoms that I had. I lost over 1½ stones without trying to lose weight and have been able to resume my career as an independent fashion consultant.

Now I attend for bi-monthly checkups and my husband has become a patient.

Thank you Denise!


My baby aged 4 months was unable to lift his head and seemed to be uninterested in the world around him. We were very concerned about him and the doctors were perplexed by his condition.

I was recommended to Denise by a friend who had had considerable success with her own child. After the first session of cranial osteopathy my baby was more alert and was raising his head and watching us, following us with his eyes which he hadn’t done before. He slept through for the first time and after the second session he was just like a normal baby. He has continued to thrive and is well 2 years on.

My family is truly grateful to Denise.

Axis health is very much a part of my life and Denise is fabulous, any problems I have with my lower back, neck and shoulders Denise is there with her experience, machines, hands and pins. Seeing Denise twice a month certainly helps me maintain my back and keep me at work. I’ve learnt so much from Denise about how the back works and how to keep it as healthy as can be. Also other issues too from weight loss to cramps Denise has a helpful answer for any problems. I totally recommend Axis health to anyone.